Table of Contents: 0:00 EVERYONE IS HERE! 1:22 Introduction 2:45 Socialism is when the government does stuff 4:36 Communism would create a hivemind dystopia! 5:50 Communism killed 100 bazillion people! 7:07 Animal Farm 9:17 No food lol 11:24 Commies wanna take my stuff? 12:28 Won’t equal pay discourage innovation? 14:27 But what about human nature tho? 15:36 Beat it and move to North Korea with you iPhone, commie scum! 17:33 Horseshoe Theory 19:01 Communism always results in a totalitarian dictatorship! 21:15 Communism takes away political rights! 23:12 Lol commies are bad with economics 24:47 Fall of communism 26:33 YOU’RE JUST SOME LAZY COMMIE LOL TALK TO ANYONE WHO LIVED UNDER COMMUNISM 28:52 My grandparents’ slaves were taken by communism! 29:01 My friend who fled communism said it sucked 29:11 You’re not a real communist, you’re just thirsty for Stalin’s bussy 29:32 Vuvuzuela 31:15 Why is anti-communism so prevalent? 34:09 Conclusion 36:20 End Card 38:47 Parenti